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Hawaii is home to many species of desirable and tasty pelagic and reef fish including, Mahi-Mahi, Ahi (yellow fin tuna), Ono (wahoo), Multiple species of Marlin, Uhu (parrot fish), Mū (big eye emperor), Omilu (bluefin trevally), Popio (adolescent giant trevally), Ulua (giant trevally), Moana Kali (blue goatfish), Manpachi (soldierfish) just to name a few. Aboard Lōkahi we have the equipment to target all of these species from large deep sea trolling rigs to spearguns so if fishing is what you're after we would be more than happy to the gear along and or teach you how to use each piece and share local knowledge and regulation for sustainable and selective fishing. 


Due to our diverse, unique location, underwater topography and plentiful sea-life, Hawaii is a world class diving location. From vibrant coral formations, lava tubes and variations of depths there is something for every level of diver. Aboard Lōkahi we have enough room to stow enough dive equipment for you whole party and we even have a dive compressor on board to keep the tanks full throughout the trip. Certified divers required, advanced divers preferred. 


Throughout the islands there are unlimited opportunities for exploring by foot. Pair that with added remote access of sailing and you're in for some truly unique sites. Dense jungles, waterfalls, gullies, rock spire and beaches are in good supply here and the best part about it, no snakes... well ok no native snakes. Truthfully we do have one snake but it more closely resembles an earthworm than a snake. The point is you get all the joy of exploring a tropical paradise without the fear of snakes hiding under logs or tall grass. 


If you have never been canyoneering its basically like hiking but with ropes and harnesses. If you have been canyoneering you know exactly how awesome it is. There really isn't a better way to access hard to get to areas along creeks, waterfalls and canyons other than this method. If this is something you are interested in we can plan accordingly with the required stops on the map and the proper safety equipment to go along with it. This is a guided experience. 

Wind Sports

If you're a fan of sailing, chances are you're also a fan of the wind. So are we! So much so that we usually bring our kiting gear with us on boat everywhere we go. With our consistent trade winds here in Hawaii, kiting and other winds sports alike have a very high chance of getting good days to fly during expeditions. If you are a wind sports enthusiast or you have an interest in learning this is an option we can build into your experience. Hawaii isn't as sandbar rich as say the Bahamas but what we lack in sand we make up for in dramatic backdrops so pack your quivers and harness the raw pacific trade winds for a stunning ride. 


Interested in pairing your adventures with high end local cuisine? Consider adding a private chef to your expedition and dine in style in some the most remote corners of the islands. Chef Tejas Bleu is a local to the islands with clients all over the world and if we are lucky enough to get on his schedule not only will he work directly with you to create a custom menu, he will teach you how to master local Hawaiian ingredients to maximize the flavor of classic dishes.